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“When I was first looking into the study of a martial art, I had in mind adopting an art that was “all-inclusive”.  I wanted to learn not only to go to competitions, but to be able to defend myself should the need ever arise.  I looked around for some time for a style that could fulfill these expectations.  All the studios I visited, however, had something about them that did not appeal to me.  Whether what they taught was too traditional, too modern, too uptight, or too laid back.  No studio I visited provided me the “equilibrium” I was looking for.  One day, however, my dad and I saw the sign for the Dojo Karate Centers.  We decided to check it out.  From the moment I walked in the door, thee instructors were helpful and receptive.  I watched a class, took a private lesson, and signed up!

Since starting at the Dojo, I have always felt very welcomed.  The instructors are personable, friendly, helpful, and strict when necessary.  I have made new friends through the studio.  It has provided an outlet through which to channel emotions and release some frustration.  Signing up the at The Dojo was definitely a worthwhile decision!

Looking ahead into where my future lies in karate, I want to first earn my black belt.  Next I could see myself, perhaps, working at the studio teaching classes.  Where karate leads me is uncertain at this point.  All I know is that I want a future in it….it’s been great!”

Kyle Porter
9th grade student at Duluth High Duluth, Georgia
Danny Porter (father) Gwinnett County District Attorney
“It has been over two years since our nine-year-old daughter, Brinda Rao (who is in the fifth grade and is home schooled) became a student at the Dojo American Karate Center in Dunwoody.  As a mother who sat through the whole training, with the instructor and his associate’s love, respect, devotion, knowledge, skill and dedication to the teaching of the Martial Arts.  

Recently our five-year-old Kiren Rao, joined this center and we must admit that it is the best thing that has happened to our kids after home schooling.  They have learned self-discipline, leadership, teamwork and mutual respect to an extent that they have always been challenged to be their own personal best.  All this and more fun!! What more can we ask for?”
Brinda and Kiren Rao
Parents: Dr. Rami Rao Mrs. Anu Rao
Dunwoody, Home school, 4th and 5th grades
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