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“Our son Chad has been a student at the Dojo American Karate Center for approximately 1.5 years.  Chad has loved the sport from the first day forward.  It has been good for him physically & mentally.  He has gained self confidence, coordination, self discipline, & physical achievement.  They have the “Red Star Program” which encourages & acknowledges such achievement.  This is presented in a way which makes the students proud of good grades.  It is obvious that most of the students wish to be recognized in such a positive manner.  The instructors are crucial to any such organization’s success.  Chad looks up to his chief instructor as a role model.  As parents, we can honestly say Mr. Lamb is an extremely positive influence in Chad’s life.

It is a true relief to know that there are young people who care about honesty & integrity in today’s social & business environment.  We cannot express our appreciation to Mr. Lamb - & others who influence Chad every time he enters the Dojo.  We feel we have made a very good decision in admitting Chad to the program he is in.  We recommend that other parents look into the program for their children.  Karate may not be for everyone, but it is definitely a viable option in aiding a child’s evolvement into adulthood.”
Ken & Michele Driver
Son: Chad Driver Dacula, GA

“My wife and I started at the Dojo five years ago.  She was a beginner and I had been training with Budokan Karate for a few years.   It started out as a martial art school getting the physical work out and learning self defense then we got serious.

Today, my whole family spends at least 4 – 5 days at the karate studio for our physical workout, self defense, self discipline but most of all it is our family recreational center.   Last September, I took my second degree black belt and my son Justin who is 8 years old will be taking his first degree black belt test next month.   He started karate when he was 4 years old and karate has been with him since.   My wife Kiki is an advanced red belt and she continues to strive to reach her goal as a black belt.

The Dojo and the training have brought us together as a family more than any other activities we have tried.   We are also planning to have Michelle, our three year old daughter, join in the fun when she’s ready.   The Dojo is not only a martial arts school but it consists of a team who actually cares for the individual success and family values.”
Peter Wan – first degree black belt
Kiki Wan – advanced red belt
Justin Wan (age 8) – novice black belt
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