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About The Dojo
Who We Are -- The Dojo
Who We Are

"Dojo" is a Japanese term meaning “a school for training in Japanese arts of self-defense, such as Karate and Judo.” And in metro Atlanta, only one martial arts school has earned the right to be called The Dojo -- American Karate Centers.

Since 1981 our mission has always been to provide the best martial arts experience available. The Dojo offers an unmatched commitment to excellence:

  • Professional Martial Arts Magazine has ranked The Dojo in the top five out of 20,000 martial arts studios in America.
  • We have promoted more than 1,000 students to black belt level.
  • The Dojo prides itself on developing and maintaining the most effective methods of building character through martial arts training.
  • We teach the most exciting and practical form of mixed martial arts ever developed--American Karate.
  • Our unique mixture of styles and training methods include the most useful techniques from the most effective disciplines, including Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, and Philippine martial arts, just to name a few.
  • The Dojo offers fun-filled, action-packed, programs designed specifically for every age -- kids, teens and adults.
Our Core Discipline -- American Karate

American Karate is the “melting pot” of martial arts. We can trace its roots back through Japan, Okinawa, Korea, China, and even India. Through both adaptation and innovation, American Karate has developed into what has become widely accepted as one of the most practical style of martial arts taught in the world. However, at The Dojo we respect traditional martial art methods while taking advantage of the newest techniques developed.

The martial arts have transcended their violent origins and are much more than fighting. True martial arts training stresses character development, discipline and respect. Self-defense, physical fitness and competition are some of the other benefits our students enjoy.

The Dojo Philosophy
Who We Are

We recognize that each student comes to The Dojo with a unique starting point and a unique set of capabilities. Each student also has personal goals they want to achieve with martial arts training. Consequently, we provide individualized training and constant motivation and encouragement to create a true sense of accomplishment.

Our aim is to maximize the student's physical progress and mental discipline while enhancing the appreciation for the spirit and ethos of martial arts. Our teaching strategies have been highly successful:

  • We will train our students with courtesy, patience, and perseverance.
  • We will always conduct ourselves professionally.
  • We will know our students on a personal level and maximize their results by applying student specific motivation.
  • Our service will be of the highest quality and will meet or exceed the student's expectations in every encounter with us.
  • We will communicate constantly with our students and their families.
  • We will use every medium at our disposal to constantly - and consistently - make the martial arts experience effective and rewarding.

Every student will know how much we care and will quickly feel the true sense of a being part of our martial arts community.

Advisory Panel
Who We Are

At The Dojo, earning a black belt means earning the approval and endorsement of the nation's top martial artists and self-defense experts.

The Dojo Advisory Panel is a virtual Who's Who of the martial arts as well as the nation's top SWAT team commanders and law enforcement executives. Our black belt tests are judged by the very best competitors and practitioners of forms, weapons and fighting. Many varying and contrasting styles are represented on The Dojo Advisory Panel.

Our Advisory Panel also regularly reviews our curriculum, teaching methods and techniques. They continually give us feedback and comments, making sure we offer our students the very finest in martial arts training.


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